The Gothenburg Imaging Mass Spectrometry (Go:IMS) platform at Chalmers and Gothenburg University is one of the worlds most advanced laboratories for imaging mass spectrometry. We are an interdisciplinary group involved in a wide range of research ranging from single cell imaging in neurochemistry to semiconductor research. The center is capable of answering a multitude of re-search questions and open to collaborations.




Why use MS Imaging?

Because it is really the best technique for combining molecular specificity with location. Overall, MS-imaging provide the following benefits:
Label free – No need for labelling your samples. Detect multiple analytes in one single measurement and maintain a more authentic environment of your samples.
Great Flexibility in chemical size – Do your measurements in one place whether you are interested in atom size small molecules or big protein structures.
Depth analysis – Identifying chemical changes in samples at high resolutions.
Visualization in 3D-images – Get enhance visual on the localization of your analytes within your samples.
High surface sensitivity – Be safe knowing that the analytes indeed originated from the surface and not from the bulk material of your sample.


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