At Go:IMS we are involved in several research areas where our expertise and knowledge provides a new insight to a topic or area. This section lists some of the current and past collaborations.

Currently and past collaborations

  • Breast cancer tumour imaging with Sahlgrenska Cancer Center.

ToF-SIMS Imaging showing the distribution of different lipid species in a breast cancer biopsy sample compared with H&E staining.

  • Effects of drugs on the neurochemistry of fruit flies.
  • Characterization of protein residue in fossils together with Lund University.
  • Vitamin D localization in skin tissue together with the Sahlgrenska Academy.
  • Tissue response to antisecretory peptides together with the Sahlgrenska Academy.
  • High temperature corrosion studies together with Inorganic Environmental Chemistry at Chalmers University of Technology.

Recent Publications

Localised lipid accumulation detected in infarcted mouse heart tissue using ToF-SIMS
Sanna Sämfors, Marcus Ståhlman, Martina Klevstig, Jan Borén, John S Fletcher
Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 2017

Histology-Compatible MALDI Mass Spectrometry Based Imaging of Neuronal Lipids for Subsequent Immunofluorescent Staining
I Kaya, W Michno, D Brinet, Y Iacone, G Zanni, K Blennow, H Zetterberg, Jörg Hanrieder
Analytical Chemistry 2017

MS/MS analysis and imaging of lipids across Drosophila brain using secondary ion mass spectrometry
NTN Phan, M Munem, AG Ewing, JS Fletcher
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 1-10, 2017

Zinc Regulates Chemical‐Transmitter Storage in Nanometer Vesicles and Exocytosis Dynamics as Measured by Amperometry
L Ren, MD Pour, S Majdi, X Li, P Malmberg, AG Ewing
Angewandte Chemie 2017

Lipid Heterogeneity Resulting from Fatty Acid Processing in the Human Breast Cancer Microenvironment Identified by GCIB-ToF-SIMS Imaging
TB Angerer, Y Magnusson, G Landberg, JS Fletcher
Analytical Chemistry 2016

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